1. Conference Exhibition Opening: Tomorrow 6-8 PM

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to remind you all that our Conference exhibition– featuring participants and panelists– opens tomorrow night from 6-8 PM and is open to the public!

    The work looks great– invite your friends and see you there!


  2. We are excited that the Interpretations of Success Conference has been listed on Art Fag City! Check out the listing below:

    • "Interpretations of Success, a new artist-run conference, will take place October 18-20. The Bushwick based event hosts a series of panel discussions that will explore what success means for an artist. Panelists include Judith Shimer, Jen Shepard, Margaret Coleman, Anna Marie Shogren, Kelly Worman and Ben Peterson. [Sign up here—>Interpretations of Success]”

  3. We’re gearing up for the Conference and working hard to add new participants and panelists! Newly added panelists include:

    Whitehot Magazine for Contemporary Arts

    Storefront Bushwick

    The Living Gallery

    and more!

    Check it out, follow us and sign-up!